I have never been the type of person who sits still. My energy keeps me going despite any obstacles that get in the way. The art I create is about obsessions that form in my mind. When hooked on an idea my thoughts continuously loop until expressed through art. The satisfaction of completing an art piece feels rewarding but it does not last forever.

When an idea seems impractical or impossible my obsession begins. Art that is impractical is expressive, time consuming, heavy, or too technical. Being practical would make my life easy but it never seems to keep my attention. So far working towards the impossible  seems to work keeping the art thriving.

I am currently addicted to the welding industry and any welding process I can get my hands on. I like pushing industrial tools to their limits creatively. An example of this would be drawing in steel plate with a cutting torch. While creating I never forget these tools come with great risk of causing bodily harm if disrespected. My sculptures require focus and energy to create and the risk is what makes them exciting to build and hopefully experience.