STAN in Motion

STAN , 2015
Steel, Coke, Ceramic Cup

STAN is a steel sculpture that balances 1 ton of Clairton Works coking coal and 1 cup of black coffee in a United Steel Workers Union ceramic cup. The inspiration for this piece comes from a story shared by my family about my grandfather Stan Kwasny. From 1965 – 1995 my grandfather drove to Clairton Works with a ceramic coffee cup in hand. His ceramic cup without a lid seemed to never spill a drop, despite how tired my pap really was. His strength and balance was a common trait of many blue-collar workers from our region. I respect the work his generation did to build the foundation of our city, and admire their work ethic, trade skills, and strength. The coffee my grandfather had on his commute helped him provide the large amounts of coke that Carrie Furnace needed to create steel. He was a part of an industry and a union of men and women that committed their lives to building the infrastructure we can continue to appreciate today.