One Piece at a Time , 2016
Steel, T-Joints, Stainless Steel

One night while working in my welding booth at CCAC listening to Johnny Cash I got an idea. I wanted to create a sculpture from practice T-joints. T-Joints are a basic steel form that all welding students learn to weld on and are the foundation of welding school curriculum. A student will practice welding these basic forms together over and over until ready for their certification test. "One Piece at a Time” has poorly welded rusty T-joints frozen in time as they travel out of the scrap bucket. The form narrows toward the final stainless steel T-joint which is welded very well. Welding may seem complicated at first but once you get past the sparks and occasional burns its just repetition to perfection. It may take someone 100 failed T-joints until weld one just right.