Carefully sorting through rusty mountains of scrap metal in places an artist shouldn’t belong is how my sculptures come to existence. My art supply store requires a tetanus shot, steel toe boots, and awareness of your surroundings. I watch out for heavy machinery and focus closely on the piles of rust and mud searching for the materials that excite me. I love the rush I feel when I find an object of value in a pile of discarded steel, which is the reason I keep coming back for more. Leaving the scrap yard with a truck load of hand selected steel is the beginning of an artistic process full of sparks, fire, heat, and melted metal. 

 I am engaged with welding and metal fabrication processes constantly learning and applying new techniques to my repurposed collections of steel. From steel I can create metaphors, tell stories, or express my emotions. I find pride working with metal because of my deep rooted connections to the steel industry through my family. This heritage sparked my interest in steel at a young age and now as an adult I can fulfill my inner child’s desire to work with steel in a playful artistic way.